Writing a four minute speech ideas

Reference Shared Experiences or Beliefs Want to learn more? This credibility-boosting technique is 6 in the 15 ways to establish ethos. Anchoring your speech content around experiences or beliefs that you share with your audience accomplishes two important tasks:

Writing a four minute speech ideas

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You have 30 minutes to complete your task.

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Similarly, you can stretch yourself beyond the familiar with these three quick exercises: Have someone randomly choose four incongruous elements for you to combine in a single piece.

Write a short piece blending two drastically different genres, such as fantasy and self-help, or science fiction and haiku. Most of us describe the world in the way that we see and hear it.

Write from the perspective of taste, smell and feel instead, skipping all the usual visual and auditory imagery. TV competitors are frequently asked to take longtime staples classic furniture, traditional uniforms, antiquated recipes, etc.

In the same spirit, choose a chapter, short story, article or poem written before and revise it for audiences today. Write for an unusual client. Exercises like these force you to push your creative boundaries.

With that in mind: Then set a timer and write. What have you learned about your own work? Are you underestimating who your potential readers might be? Get inspired on a field trip. Museums, gardens, movies and city skylines have all provided inspiration for reality TV challenges.

Go on an outing to any artistic venue. Then, when you return home, write not about the inspiration you found on the field trip, but from the inspiration. A change of scenery may be just the thing you need to get you thinking in new directions.

Challenges for Writing Groups: Some of the most popular challenge-based shows emphasize teamwork: Chefs are tossed together to create different components of a meal, while multiple designers are tasked with producing a unified line of clothes.

For this exercise, spend 30 minutes brainstorming as a group to agree on a theme, character, setting or emotional tone for a collection of writing. Each of you then has another 30 minutes to complete your contribution. At the end of the exercise, read all of the pieces back to back to see if you have achieved your goals of unity and seamlessness.

Design for another writer. Reality contestants such as fashion designers are often tasked with creating for one another. Contestants on reality TV competitions are commonly forced to bake, decorate or create without the proper tools. Rather than locking up your keyboard in a drawer, the real writing challenge is to take away your words.


This exercise, to be done in teams of three, prohibits one writer from using adverbs, one from using adjectives and a third from using verbs. The three of you must complete a piece of writing together within the time limit by relying on one another to choose the missing parts of speech.

Consider this Mad Libs gone wild! And you thought all that TV was just a waste of time. For more great writing advice, click here.

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writing a four minute speech ideas

In your time of mourning it can feel overwhelming at the thought of standing up and delivering a eulogy speech in front of an audience of friends and family.

Demonstration speech topics and methods to develop hundred demonstratives for good public speaking, step by step. Follow those steps and read the tips. The goals could be numerous, i.e. to demonstrate a process and give the audience information while using visual aids, or to show how to do something, or how something works.

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To insist that defenders of freedom of speech must listen to you is to misunderstand the concepts of freedom and the marketplace of ideas.

How to Write a Speech About Yourself: 15 Steps (with Pictures)