Thesis protocol in medicine

It not only plagues earlier generation however its now common among the young as to be honest. That is why treatment for that disease is evolving day by day.

Thesis protocol in medicine

Recognition and diagnosis of concussion. All student-athletes who are experiencing signs, symptoms or behaviors consistent with a sport-related concussion, at rest or with exertion, must be removed from practice or competition and referred to an athletic trainer or team physician with experience in concussion management.

A student-athlete diagnosed with sport-related concussion should not be allowed to return-to-play in the current game or practice and should be withheld from athletic activity for the remainder of the day.

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Disposition decisions for more serious injuries such as cervical spine trauma, skull fracture or intracranial bleed, should be made at the time of presentation. The foundation of sport-related concussion management is initial physical and relative cognitive rest as part of an individualized treatment plan.

Initial management of sport-related concussion is based on individual serial clinical assessments, taking concussion history, modifying factors and specific needs of the student-athlete into consideration. Such management includes, but is not limited to: Clinical evaluation at the time of injury.

When the rapid assessment of concussion is necessary e.

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Brief concussion evaluation tools such as the Standardized Concussion Assessment Tool 3, also known as SCAT3, which includes the Standardized Assessment of Concussion, provide standardized methods and can be compared to a baseline evaluation. Assessment for head and cervical spine injury at time of injury and implementation of the emergency action plan, as warranted.

Transportation to the nearest hospital if any of following signs and symptoms are present: Glasgow Coma score less than 13; prolonged period of loss of consciousness longer than one minute ; focal neurological deficit; repetitive emesis; persistently diminished or worsening mental status or other neurological signs or symptoms; and potential spine injury.

Serial evaluation and monitoring for deterioration following injury. Upon discharge from medical care, both oral and written instructions for home care should be given to the student-athlete and to a responsible adult e.

Return to Activity Sport-related concussion is a challenging injury for student-athletes and, unlike other injuries, the timeline for return to full activity including return-to-play and return-to-learn is often difficult to project.

The psychological response to injury is also unpredictable. Sometimes, student-athletes who are kept out of their sport for a prolonged period of time experience emotional distress related to being unable to participate in sport.

It is important that health care providers remain alert to the signs and symptoms of depression and other emotional responses to injury that can be particularly challenging following concussive injury.

These symptoms may represent post-concussion syndrome, sleep dysfunction, migraine or other headache disorders, or co-morbid mood disorders such as anxiety and depression.

Passive management, such as prolonged physical and cognitive rest, may be counter-productive in these scenarios. Active, Targeted Treatment for Concussion Although initial treatment for concussion typically involves prescribed physical and cognitive rest, there is emerging evidence that active, targeted approaches for treating concussion may be more effective for certain patients.The department of Preventive and Social Medicine was established in with the objective of developing skilled and motivated workforce in the public health which includes teachers of community medicine, researchers, trainers and course facilitators for planning, organization and evaluation of national health programmes.

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Thesis protocol in medicine

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1 FORMAT FOR THESIS PROTOCOL (Ideally not to exceed 15 – 20 pages) Dr Kundan Mittal (Rohtak), Dr Rakesh Lodha, Dr Ramesh Agarwal, Dr MMA Faridi.

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Thesis Protocol 1. - 1 - Correlation Between Renal Function And PCI Outcome In STEMI Patients Treated With Primary PCI Thesis Submitted for partial fulfillment of master degree in cardiology BY Ahmed Mostafa Ahmed Muhammed MBBCH Supervised by Mohamed El Mahmoudy Assistant Professor of cardiology Faculty of medicine –Ain-Shams University Dr.

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