The state of tennessee makes its move in providing better education with the tennessee program

See Article History Alternative Title: It is located in the upper South of the eastern United States and became the 16th state of the union in The geography of Tennessee is unique.

The state of tennessee makes its move in providing better education with the tennessee program

DiPietro gave his remarks on Feb. Thank you to the distinguished guests with us here in Nashville and to everyone watching online. Thank you, especially, to the more than 11, University of Tennessee employees statewide.

Why does this message matter? What makes the state of the University of Tennessee important?

The state of tennessee makes its move in providing better education with the tennessee program

At a time when higher education was reserved for the elite, the Morrill Act opened it to all. Land-grants, like the University of Tennessee, have changed the trajectory of lives, families, and generations. We make excellent higher education accessible.

We make discoveries that solve problems. We connect with all Tennesseans through outreach.

The state of tennessee makes its move in providing better education with the tennessee program

And today, I can proudly report that the state of our University is very strong. Educate We are well-positioned to ensure access for current and future generations of Tennesseans, thanks to our highly effective work on cost containment and stewardship of resources.

For the past three years, we have self-limited tuition increases with unprecedented success. Inwe marked the third straight year of holding a tuition increase at or below 3 percent. That had never happened before since the UT System was established in Inwe will do it again. That represents a lot of work by our faculty, staff and administration, and I am grateful for that.

That funding has been critical to delivering the excellent education and vital outreach Tennesseans need and expect from us. Enrollment is climbing and breaking records on campuses across the UT system.

Freshman-to-sophomore retention averages 81 percent system-wide, and graduation rates continue to climb on every campus. We are creating programs that reach students where they are and teaching them how to apply previous experience in entrepreneurial ways.

Inwe achieved nearly a half-billion dollars in research and sponsored program expenditures system-wide. In the same period, we were involved in new invention disclosures, 98 patents and 17 new licensing agreements. But for most of our fellow Tennesseans going about their daily lives, what matters about our research is that we solved a problem or made life better for them.

We do plenty of that, in some incredible ways. Inthey opened our doors to provide more than 5 million outreach contacts to Tennesseans across the state.Jul 13,  · "Education and business leaders have identified a need for better coordination of the state’s existing programs, so aligning Tennessee Pathways with Drive to 55 and providing .

Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam, Department of Economic and Community Development Commissioner Bob Rolfe and Miller Industries, Inc. (NYSE: MLR) officials announced today that the manufacturer has made a significant investment to expand its operations in Ooltewah, resulting in the creation of approximately jobs over a five-year period.

“The stronger the state of this University, the stronger the state of Tennessee,” DiPietro said. “Because everywhere you look, UT.” UT resources and strength are the products of the University’s three-part mission to provide education, conduct research and deliver outreach.

the state of Tennessee which handles public funds when such audit is deemed Tennessee Department of Education can develop a transition plan to move the school back to its original local education agency after five years. schools identified to the State Board of Education for approval.

The board’s approval of the list signifies. SCORE Releases State of Education in Tennessee Report Posted on January 16, by SCORE (NASHVILLE) – The State Collaborative on Reforming Education (SCORE) has released the State of Education in Tennessee report, a comprehensive review of Tennessee’s recent work to improve K student academic achievement that identifies four priorities for public education in The Tennessee Better Schools Program: The Career Ladder Peter Husen Associate Professor, University of Tennessee Colleen Cody Graduate Assistant, University of Tennessee The Better Schools Program For several years the Governor of the State of Tennessee, Lamar Alexander, and image of education.

First, the State of .

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