The rise of alternative medicine in treatment of diseases in modern times

She is always swallowing an assortment of pills or dropping some type of solution under her tongue. All I know is this alternative medicine makes her feel better, whether it really works or not. Inmy mother heard through a co-worker about this chiropractor who did some interesting and unusual things to relieve physical and emotional discomfort. She scheduled a visit and has been addicted ever since.

The rise of alternative medicine in treatment of diseases in modern times

Find articles by Ajai R. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract Modern medicine has done much in the fields of infectious diseases and emergencies to aid cure. In most other fields, it is mostly control that it aims for, which is another name for palliation.

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Pharmacology, psychopharmacology included, is mostly directed towards such control and palliation too. The thrust, both of clinicians and research, must now turn decisively towards prevention and cure. Advances in vaccines for hypertension, diabetes, cancers etc, deserve attention; as also, the role of meditation, yoga, spirituality etc in preventing disease at various levels.

Studies on longevity, life style changes and healthy centenarians deserve special scrutiny to find what aids longevity with wellbeing. Medicine is a manifestation of the human eros, and should not become a means of its thanatos.

The rise of alternative medicine in treatment of diseases in modern times

It must realise its true potential, so that eros prevails, and thanatos prevails only ultimately, not prematurely. And then I thought why, what the heck.

Freud is no longer around, and psychoanalysis is not current coin. And life is moving at its nice, leisurely pace, anyway. But a previous early morning dream-realization continues to linger. Let me tell you a bit about it. Modern medicine has progressed, and we must thank the whole bunch of researchers and clinicians for it.

But so has pathology. It is not that the number of diseased has reduced, nor total quantum of distress related to it. Diseases, and the afflicted, are not reducing in numbers; they are only changing in type Singh and Singh, Just as an animal, human included, will struggle and strain to cope with emergencies, especially a threat to life or limb, similarly as though the society-animal has developed efficient methods to cope with its emergencies.

Modern Medicine Mostly Palliative Modern medicine is mostly palliative, and rather proud of it.

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By palliation, I am not talking of cancers. I mean reducing or easing the severity of a pain or a disease without removing the cause, or effecting a cure from Latin palliare, to cloak.

In other words, control. It is rather like making a virtue out of a necessity and also, false bravado. What medicine needs to do is propel towards cure on one hand and prevention on the other.In the s and s, the failure of medicine to develop remedies for diseases of aging led some scientists to conjecture that diseases such as cancer or heart disease were due to the Western diet.

This conjecture was spurred on by the proof that lung cancer was most often caused by cigarette smoking, but the evidence turned out to be thin. I have come to realize that alternative medicine has become more popular and more accepted among the general population and is a practical complementary medicine to traditional medicine.

One of the more recent trends of healthcare today is the use of both traditional and alternative healthcare in a complementary way.4/4(1).

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Integrating traditional medicine into modern healthcare is certainly being taken seriously by some of the biggest research bodies worldwide.

In , 62 countries had national institutes for traditional medicine — up from 12 in In Eugene Braunwald and the Rise of Modern Medicine, Thomas H.

Lee offers insights that only authoritative firsthand interviews can provide, to bring us closer to this iconic figure in modern medicine. The history of medicine shows how societies have changed in their approach to illness and disease from ancient times to the present.

It played a leading role in the identification and treatment of diseases and ailments, rise of modern medicine. Alternative Medicine. Latest; Search. Search Straddling Conventional and Alternative Cancer Treatment. Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez was a .

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