The most important factor for success is not what you know but who you know

If you run a project-based business like mineyou know that there are any number of things that can get between you and the successful end of the project:

The most important factor for success is not what you know but who you know

Educators have focused on helping students through transitions for years now. It made sense to us. When a student experiences these five realities they are most likely to graduate and excel in life: Getting connected to the right people. They also have no accountability strong enough to prevent them from quitting.

Research shows that when students get connected to solid people peers or mentors they tend to stick with commitments and follow through. The Federal Mentoring Council shares one study of the Big Brothers Big Sisters program found students with mentors earning higher grades than similar students without mentors.

A study discovered that kids in a mentoring relationship at school did better work in class, finished more assigned work, and improved overall in academics—especially in science and in written and oral communication.

The most important factor for success is not what you know but who you know

History indicates that people intuitively understood the importance of connectedness with accountability, but we have migrated into a more individualistic lifestyle in recent times. Today we have connectedness often on Facebook without accountability. Victor Hugo was a brilliant writer, but very distracted.

It took him seventeen years to finish Les Miserables. He asked his servant to take his clothes while he was sleeping. This forced him to stay in his room…and write.

This guardrail enabled him to finish Les Miserables—and the world has benefited greatly.

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Today, students need these guardrails. Possessing adaptability and resilience. There is a growing body of research in the last decade suggesting that adults have created a fragile population of children.

You can imagine a student like this has trouble with transitions and the hardship of adapting to new situations.

Let me illustrate this drift: We somehow felt that self-esteem meant we should affirm them consistently and prevent them from falling or failing. Sadly, this has had the opposite effect.

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We have risked too little, we have rescued too quickly and we have raved to easily about our kids—and now they find it hard to navigate transitions. Adaptability and resilience are priceless possessions that predict success far more than good grades and high SAT scores.

Developing high emotional intelligence. You know this already. Forty years ago, educators frequently believed that the kid with the highest IQ would do the best, and later become the most successful.

For example, policy makers in one state are using school programs to cultivate emotional intelligence and social intelligence in order to prevent crime, increase mental health, deepen student engagement and lower unemployment.

Quite frankly, the reason emotional intelligence has become such a large factor in student success is that kids today struggle more with mental health issues than they did forty years ago.

This, in turn, leads to poor performance and high dropout rates. Research in education and psychology now shows the benefits of Social Emotional Learning SEL programs for children as young as preschoolers.

Public awareness is catching up to the research. Targeting a clear outcome. This one should be obvious. Whenever a student enters school high school or college with a clear goal, they are more likely to stay engaged and finish well.

Every football field has an end zone; every basketball court has a rim and backboard.

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conclude that all of the other areas were then not important to project success. The paper also tells us “the data suggests that many different variables are needed to accomplish a successful project.

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