The medieval weapons during the year 1232

It was a long and dark time of medieval war, conquest, plague, destruction which eventually led to the Renaissance and the Age of Discovery. The 'Middle Ages' is a blanket term for three divisions of Western history, beginning with Antiquity, and then the Medieval period, and finally the Modern period. A great many inventions were discovered during the Middle Ages - things that would change the world forever.

The medieval weapons during the year 1232

There were many differant types of medieval weapons used throughout the medieval period for example such as clubs and maces which were effective against chain mail and plate Armour, Daggers were used mainly for stabbing and thrusting moves in close combat situations.

Medieval Weaponry

There were a wide range of axes that would be used as cleaving, chopping and crushing weapons, the best and most favoured of these types of weapons was the pollaxe or poleaxe as it was also commonly known.

Spears were very popular medieval weapons as they were cheap and easy to make and very effective, All you needed was a wooden pole and you could attach a variety of weapon heads to the end of the pole. Foot soldiers and mounted troops also liked to use Bill and Staff weapons on the battlefield and these consisted of bladed weapons such as polearms, pole hammers and mainly long staff weapons were very popular.

Other types of weapons that were used in medieval battles and were common weapons of the times were one-handed swords, Longswords and the Great swords, and lets not forget one of the battlefields most treasured weapons in medieval times because of their effectiveness, Longbows Popular in England and Cross Bows Popular in Europe.Hunting was the greatest example, and it was not only a leisure pursuit but had the practical rewards of improving horsemanship and dexterity with weapons, as well as livening up the castle dinner menu, too.

During the Middle Ages, nevertheless, the most used weapons were bows, which were one of the most efficient range weapons. They were made of wood (larch, ash, elm, maple, birch ), horn (ox, buffalo, goat, antelope), cane (bamboo) or metal (copper, bronze, steel).

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The Chinese wasted little time in applying gunpowder to the development of weapons, and in the centuries that followed, they produced a variety of gunpowder weapons, including flamethrowers, rockets, bombs, and land mines, before inventing guns as a projectile weapon.

It became one of the paramount weapons used in a number of victories during the Hundred Years’ War, particularly at the Battles of Crécy () and Agincourt ().

Although longbows have been found in England dating as far back as BC, the dominant period of . Medieval Weapons Weapons are the tools of today and the death of tomorrow.

The medieval weapons during the year 1232

At one time all weapons were tools. They were a means of survival among a harsh planet and cruel animals.

The medieval weapons during the year 1232

Swords are a major weapon of war during the ancient and medieval history. They are also called the gentleman of all weapons.

They were bladed weapons that had two parts namely the blade and the handle or the hilt.

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