Steve reich electric counterpoint gcse

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Steve reich electric counterpoint gcse

STEVE REICH - Electric Counterpoint - Mindmap in GCSE Music Typical features of West African music are:
Downloading prezi... Many people say he is the greatest living American composer. Many people also say he has changed the course of musical history.

It is useful to understand some of the hallmarks of the style and understand the vocabulary used when describing minimalism. The following are features of minimalism in general, some of which are used in the set work and others are present in other minimalist works: Ostinato Loops — repeated musical ideas.

Layering — adding new musical parts, commonly one at a time. Key — In minimalism this is the only part of the story — the texture is equally as important as the key in defining the structure of a piece. Note Subtraction — starting off with a more complex ostinato and gradually taking notes away, leaving rests in their place.

Augmentation — extending the duration of a rhythmic pattern. For example, two minims become two crochets. It then changes to C minor.


You can remember the key from the title: Electric Counterpoint, where the beginning letter shows the order of what the key is. Tonal ambiguity — keeping the key uncertain.

The texture gradually builds up in layers and thins out towards the end.

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Piece concentrates on rhythmic development just as much as it does on melodic development. The live guitar plays a resultant melody. Bass 1 and 2 introduced gradually, with their ostinatoes being built up. Use of panning — different instruments coming out of different speakers to create different textures.

Unpredictable changes to key and time signature. Big crescendo at end to build tension. He now runs others websites such as PoemAnalysis.Here is a video of the beginning of Steve Reich’s how the drumming keeps changing little by little.

Although the music is just drumming, if you stay watching you will see that it eventually becomes very exciting. Nuevo ELE - Libro del alumno + CD - Intermedio, Virgilio Borobio Thrombin - Physiology and Disease, Michael E. Sitemap

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A Guide to the GCSE Listening Paper Compiled from Simon Rushby’s articles for Rhinegold’s Music Teacher The GSCE listening paper is divided into two sections.

Steve reich electric counterpoint gcse
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