Outline for pro choice paper

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Outline for pro choice paper

There are too many unwanted children now—anti-abortion laws will result in thousands more We already legislate other kinds of morality—prostitution, drinking, drugs, etc.

Abortion is about morality and should not be legislated by the government Fabricated.

Actively Changing Lives

Anyway, the number who die from abortion is less than those babies killed. If abortions were illegal, thousands of women would end up with back-alley abortions and die.

History shows that laws against abortion have little or no effect on the number of abortions, but do make them unsafe. Who is it that you are arguing against? You must determine what claims this audience makes, what warrants underlie those claims and what data they offer to back up those claims.

You have to understand the warrant because that is what you must refute. For a pro-choice paper, you might begin thinking along these lines: Should abortion remain a legal option for pregnant women?

Pro-life people who believe abortion should be made illegal. Other claims follow from this main claim, i.

Also that many unwanted pregnancies turn into wanted pregnancies or wanted children. A fetus is a human being and so killing one is tantamount to murder.

For the paper then, an outline might look like this: Evidence for argument 1 Evidence for argument 2 Evidence for argument 3 Evidence for argument 4—this argument will have the most written on it since this is the one that refutes the warrant of pro-life.

Identify and respond to opposing arguments. You may concede points here as long as you are able to overcome with a strong argument. For example, you might say that many unwanted pregnancies do have happy endings—no rise in child abuse and parents accept the new child, but that this is by no means a certainty.

Outline for pro choice paper

Just because a woman is forced to carry to term and ends up loving her child does not mean the government has the right to make that decision.

By this time, your conclusion should seem inevitable given your arguments. Sum it up, leaving your reader with a strong impression, something to think about.

Ending with a question is not the best option—all the questions should have been answered by now. For a pro-life paper, you might begin thinking along these lines: Pro-choice people who believe abortion should remain legal. Such a paper might look very different since the argument rests on one main issue.

In this case, an outline might look like this: Abortion should be illegal because whatever arguments the pro-choice side can make, it does not matter when we are discussing the life of a human being. Evidence for fetus as human argument Evidence: For example, if child abuse and unwanted children are a problem, perhaps we could work on changing the adoption system.

This shows you are aware of the problems illegal abortion creates and are willing to acknowledge those problems, i. Other options are available. You may find for your topic that going point by point would work best. Give their second strongest; refute, and so on.

This works well if you can go point-by-point. You also need to consider how to arrange the arguments you have. You can go strongest to least strongest or start with the second strongest, go down the line, finishing with the strongest.Research Paper (full) Research Outline; Research Proposal; Research Summary; Browse All less basic right.

However, on the other side of the coin, pro-choice activists say no life exists and the woman has the right to choose in this case. With respect to the Ultius, Inc. "Argumentative Essay on Abortion: Pro-Life or Pro-Choice?" Ultius 4/5(13).

Pro Choice And Pro Abortion - According to About News on Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice the religious views and even science believe that, “some theological traditions teach that the soul is implanted at quickening--when the fetus begins to move--and not at conception.

SUBJECT BY SUBJECT OUTLINE Comparing two sides of an argument Thesis: People on both sides of the abortion debate feel passionately about their beliefs. I. PRO ABORTION/ PRO-CHOICE BELIEFS A.

Outline for pro choice paper

Women should have the right to safe and legal abortions 1. . Research Paper (full) Research Outline; Research Proposal; Research Summary; Browse All; Dissertation. This is a sample research paper that argues in favor of the right of a woman to obtain an abortion.

Pro-choice: Each woman has the right to an abortion Ultius, Inc. "Abortion as a Right: Arguments For Pro-Choice." Ultius Blog. Ultius 5/5(2). The Pro-choice argument is that abortion must be legal, and there should be no interference of the government, and the pro-life argument is that fetus is a human being from the moment of conception, and it is wrong to resort to the abortion in terms of human rights, law, and morality.

“Pro-choice Abortion” Abortion has been one of the biggest controversies of all time. Many people believe it is immoral and even consider it to be murder. The definition of abortion is; "The termination of pregnancy by the removal or expulsion from the uterus of a fetus or embryo prior to being capable of normal.

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