Mary todd lincoln

Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln, a self-taught lawyer, legislator and vocal opponent of slavery, was elected 16th president of the United States in Novembershortly before the outbreak of the Civil War. Lincoln proved to be a shrewd military strategist and a savvy leader: Mary Todd, whose nickname was Molly, was the child of wealthy parents and received her education in prestigious all-girls schools where

Mary todd lincoln

After a tumultuous courtship, she married Abraham Lincoln on November 4, Often self-absorbed and petulant, she was nonetheless devoted to her immediate family while frequently engaged in feuds with other family members.

As a young woman, Mary was as buoyant and debonair as she was bitter and dour as a widow. Raised in a slave-owning family, she became a fervent abolitionist, one of whose closest friends was her black seamstress, Elizabeth Keckley.

Her southern background and Illinois husband led to snobbish questions about her social grace when she arrived in Washington. Lincoln was caught between northern prejudice of her southern background and southern prejudice of her northern sympathies. Recent First Ladies had been virtually invisible in Washington.

Mary Todd Lincoln would not be invisible — and Mary todd lincoln became the subject of vicious gossip which her own imprudent behavior encouraged. British journalist William Howard Russell, the correspondent for the London Times, described her shortly after observing Mrs. Lincoln at her first state dinner.

Lincoln was already seated to receive her guests. She is of the middle age and height, of a plumpness degenerating to the embonpoint natural to her years; her features are plain, her nose and mouth of an ordinary type, and her manners and appearance homely, stiffened, however, by the consciousness that her position requires her to be something more than plain Mrs.

Her dress I shall not attempt to describe, though it was very gorgeous and highly coloured. She handled a fan with much energy, displaying a round, well-proportioned arm, and was adorned with some simple jewelery.

She struck me as being desirous of making herself agreeable, and I own I was agreeably disappointed, as the Secessionist ladies at Washington had been amusing themselves by anecdotes which could scarcely have been founded on fact. Alternatively a spendthrift and a miser, her frequent shopping trips to New York and expensive redecorating in led to questions about her taste and extravagance.

One memorable four-month period saw her collect about pairs of gloves. Even her husband was sometimes surprised by her low-cut dresses. Her life was further complicated by those who actually gave her gifts, hoping that in exchange she would press her husband for a job or favor.

Even during the period in and when Mrs. Lincoln was in mourning for her son Willie and wore only black, she managed to go further into debt for new clothes.

Byshe told Elizabeth Keckley: I must dress in costly materials. The people scrutinize every article that I wear with critical curiosity… If he is elected, I can keep him in ignorance of my affairs, but if he is defeated, then the bills will be sent.

Although she frequently abandoned Washington on shopping and vacation trips, Mrs. Lincoln refused to abandon the White House at the outset of the Civil War in when General Winfield Scott suggested it for security reasons. Dana related an incident in which Mrs. Soon afterward the messenger returned again, exclaiming: The President, though annoyed, ignored Mrs.

Mary todd lincoln

I shall be personally and greatly obliged to you if you will carefully scan any account which comes from here; and if in any there shall appear the least semblance of wrong, make it known to me directly.

Her lack of discretion extended to both action and comment. She was a source of information for anyone who could manage to obtain her confidence. Seekers of favors and offices often sought her out when they could not influence her husband.Jul 06,  · Mary Todd Lincoln's unusually stormy moods, coupled with rumors of delusions, constant headaches and pallor, have led historians to suggest that she was insane.

Jul 06,  · Mary Todd Lincoln's unusually stormy moods, coupled with rumors of delusions, constant headaches and pallor, have led . Mary Todd Lincoln: A Biography [Jean Harvey Baker] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

A striking success the account of the White House years is absorbing, the account of Mary Lincoln's life as a widow utterly compelling.

― New York Times This definitive biography of Mary Todd Lincoln beautifully conveys her /5(). On the left, Mary Todd Lincoln at age On the right, Sally Field in Lincoln.

In , more than a decade after her husband was assassinated, Mary Todd Lincoln found two men outside her room in. Robert Todd Lincoln (August 1, – July 26, ) was an American politician, lawyer, and businessman.

Lincoln was the first son of President Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd was born in Springfield, Illinois and graduated from Harvard College before serving on the staff of Ulysses S.

Grant as a captain in the Union Army in the closing . Mary Ann Todd Lincoln was born the third child to Eliza Ann Parker Todd and Robert Smith Todd on December 13, Preceding her in birth was her eldest sister Elizabeth, followed by her sister Francis.

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