Life lessons of living abroad in

Yet with much of last year spent abroad — I lived in both Bali and Los Angeles for three months, as well as spending an extended eight weeks in London over the festive period — I was only in Sydney for little over four months in A number of her friends, she said, had gone with the plan of staying just a year, never to be seen on English soil again.

Life lessons of living abroad in

In all honesty it has changed me and it still is, in so many ways. I do believe a long-distance relationship is doable as some of my friends have provenbut only as long as you have a plan to be together in the near future sometime, if you can trust each other fully and if you can keep up good communication.

If you lack any of these factors, it might not be lasting very long.


There I met some of my very best friends, whom are still in my life 6 years later. Third big thing I learned was that I really want to work in an international environment, I like the variation, the cultures and the way you have to communicate as a team to make your job work out.

I really became more independent after those five months, and learned that I can make a life for myself anywhere if I want to. Last but not least; Paris is always a good idea!

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I learned that a decision made in the heat of the moment can be very good, but a bit scary and also a bit crazy. It was a nice year and this is when I discovered the perks of solo traveling. But most importantly I learned so much about cultures very different from my own and I will always cherish those talks especially with my Lebanese, Egyptian, Serbian, Montenegrin, Peruvian, Japanese and Vietnamese friends.

That year I had to learn to accept a lot of different ways of thinking and acting, mostly due to the very diverse mix of people that I surrounded myself with.

Life lessons of living abroad in

The international students on a trip to Darien Lake Amusement Park. In this photo we find the following nationalities: About freeing yourself from everything, allowing yourself to have fun and letting your guard down So last August I ended up in France again.

I was curious to see if a second time around in the country would leave me with different experiences than 5 years previously.

And boy did it! I absolutely love southern France, and can proudly call Montpellier a place that will always have a little piece of my heart.

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My comfort zone was tested to the max: I think I just became a more relaxed person in general, which Aoife did point out when she visited me recently, and I started to take more care of myself both mentally and physically. I mean I did manage to lose 15 kg during my exchange, which usually is the other way around.

Life just seemed so uncomplicated there! I find myself quite at peace here. I know everything will settle down when I am ready to.As I wrap up two years of living abroad, I have reflected on the ways I have changed, how the world has changed around me, and how my interaction with the world has changed.

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Here are a few of my expat life lessons I have picked up along the way! You can live abroad for 30 years and refuse to learn a thing. You can live your whole life within a five-mile radius and be the wisest, kindest and most learned of people.

Life lessons of living abroad in

However, I do believe that travel and student exchange are, without any doubt, powerful medicine for a world continuously wobbling in the wake of violence, hatred and bigotry. Life Lessons From Living Abroad #writebravely August 10, By corinnerodrigues 23 Comments Day 6 of the Write Tribe Festival of Words #6 and today’s prompt is .

10 Life Lessons Learned from Living Abroad I was recently looking back on the times that I moved abroad, (three in case your counting) and I was thinking to myself what were some of the lessons I learned along the way.

While I love Finland as a country to live in and I do miss a lot of things about living there, well mostly friends, family and our dogs, there’s still so many things that make me happier abroad.

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One thing is definitely people’s attitudes and open-mindedness. The takeaways I now have and the lessons I’ve learned will benefit me for life, in ways that surpass the benefits of a paycheck. I encourage anyone who wants to see just how far they can stretch themselves to take a chance on the experience of living abroad.

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