Clunky writing a check

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Clunky writing a check

Or maybe your desk is piled with papers that need filing, and you waste all kinds of time looking for that one you need? Clutter adds stress and sucks up valuable time. The same situation applies to writing. Unnecessary words and redundancies in a page or paragraph obscure its core meaning and interrupt its flow.

The essence of your message is buried under all those excess words. Look for instances of overwriting or beating a point to death. Say it once — or twice, max — then move on. Otherwise you risk annoying your readers. Ready to search out the clutter in your story? Avoid little-word pile-ups and eliminate redundancies Reveal the essence of your message by streamlining your words.

On their cross-country trip, they slept each night in cheap motels just off the interstate. The car drove slowly through the large complex heading in the direction of a secluded building at the back of the facility.

It was located on the shore of the Mississippi River.


The vehicle came to a stop next to the entrance to the building. The car drove slowly through clunky writing a check large complex toward a secluded building on the shore of the Mississippi River.

It stopped next to the entrance. He was shooting off his mouth in the bar last night telling everybody that he was going to find the bastard that ratted on him. He was shooting off his mouth in the bar last night about finding the bastard that ratted on him. He moved his mouse pointer over to the other email that he had received.

He clicked on the second email. He had arrived at the vending machine and was punching the buttons on its front with an outstretched index finger when a voice from behind him broke him away from his thoughts.

He was punching the buttons on the vending machine when a voice behind him broke into his thoughts. In the first example, we have way too much detail.

What else would he be punching the buttons with besides his finger? Minute details like these just clutter up your prose.

An angular snarl stuck to his face, the officer indicated with a hand gesture a door that was behind and off to the right of Jason.

He swung his head around to look in the direction the officer was pointing. Snarling, the officer gestured to a door behind Jason. He turned to look behind him. I headed down a rickety set of wooden steps to the basement.

There was a dim light ahead in the hallway. To the right there were cardboard boxes stacked high.

clunky writing a check

To the left, there was a closed door with a padlock. Suddenly, I heard muffled sounds. There was someone upstairs. I headed down a rickety set of wooden steps to the dimly lit basement.

To the right, cardboard boxes were stacked high. To the left, I saw a closed door with a padlock. I could play around with this some more, but you get the picture. She said that you thought that it was too expensive and that you wanted to shop around. She said you thought it was too expensive and you wanted to shop around.

The phrases in italics are redundant here: We passed an abandoned house that nobody lived in on a deserted street with no one around.About Erin Brenner With a BA and an MA in English, Erin has been an editing professional for 15 years, working on a variety of media, especially online.

· I've been writing research-backed blog posts for a few years now, and I've been lucky enough to have great success with some of my work. It's been featured on Lifehacker, Fast Company, Inc, Business Insider, Huffington Post, and  · The book’s early pacing is weighed down by a full 70 pages of exposition before any action begins, the writing itself is clunky—if not outright offensive—and many of the references are Check for wordiness and clunky writing.

Maybe even with these tips you’ll find you just can’t give up the “traditional approach” of writing sequentially. That’s perfectly Definition of clunky in English: clunky.

adjective informal. 1 Solid, ‘The author seems unsure whether he is writing a thriller or a satire and, with his clunky prose and rudimentary plot, ends up doing neither.’ Please check your email and confirm your  · Session 1: Writing (pages 3 through 9) asks students to read one or two passages and then write a • Be sure to write clearly and to check your composition for correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

“clunky” old bikes for off-road use. This soon caught on, and ever since, people have been doing tricks and stunts on their bikes

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