An argument in favor of capital punishment for dzokhar tsarnaev

Sun, 13 Sep In recent weeks the American government hailed the targeted killings in airstrikes of both the important number two leader of ISIS, a longtime veteran jihadi named Fadhil Ahmad al-Hayali, as well as social media taunter Junaid Hussain, who some officials called a ''senior'' propagandist in ISIS -- though he was only nine years old when the U. Hussain's claim to jihadi fame was his suspected role in leading the ''cyber caliphate'' from Raqqa, Syria, where, among other things, the young Briton tweeted a call to attack a ''draw the prophet'' contest in Garland, Texas, and circulated online the personal information culled from public records about random U.

An argument in favor of capital punishment for dzokhar tsarnaev

For people with big hearts though, the truth gets them started with an Implacable Opposition to Absolute Evil. The Battle of Armageddon can only be won by sufficient Angels to fight against the Demons. Finance is the fuel that propels any work; nothing can be achieved without moneyed investment.

An argument in favor of capital punishment for dzokhar tsarnaev

Islamic Jihad, too, at a grand scale across the globe, as we all are witnessing today, is being financed by the petro-dollars of the oil rich Islamic Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The fairy tale Arabic story of extravagant luxury of Saudi King and its princes is fueled by hundreds of billions dollars the authoritarian State is earning by exporting its petroleum oil and investing in bonds, shares, etc.

As oil and other natural resources are fast drying up, it will be solely dependent on the profits out of global investments most importantly on the guaranteed profits it will earn from the millions of Muslims coming to Mecca for obligatory pilgrimage every year.

It is also the most ancient form amongst the 4 types of jihad, having commonly used both by Salafi and Wahhabi or Saudi Muslims, two most prominent and predominant Muslim clans across globe.

An argument in favor of capital punishment for dzokhar tsarnaev

Wahhabism is a strictly puritanical Islamic religious revivalist movement and today a sect or branch of Sunni Islam that calls to the Muslims across the world to return to the earliest fundamental Islamic sources of the Quran and Hadith, with inspiration from the teachings of medieval theologian Ibn Taymiyyah and early jurist Ahmad ibn Hanbal.

British Agent Henpher in describes how he created Wahhabism by bribing Abdul Wahhab with gold and sex from female British Agents, at the behest of the Venetian Empire who were taking over Britain by means of their Stooge William of Orange.

He did this to create a fundamentalist schism in Islam as these schisms can be used to create chaos and war. The movement gained unchallenged precedence in most of the Arabian Peninsula through an alliance between Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab and the House of Muhammad ibn Saud, which provided political and financial power for the religious revival represented by Ibn Abd al-Wahhab.

Such is the power of Saudi sponsored Wahhabi Islam, today propagated as the only true form of Islam across the globe, thus, in reality is nothing but Saudi Islam! Why it is dangerously retrogressive because Wahhabism in its idealization of the time of Mohammad, totally rejects any scientific and technical aspects of modernity.

The British and European Aristocracy bases its world contol on the degeneration of humanity and it uses all means to promote this. One leg is Austerity or poverty, the other leg is War. Arabs are famous for the white slave trade selling slavs - the Slavic people - from Russian regions for hundreds of years.

Black people are not considered human and when slaves were castrated to prevent procreation. Arabic Harems of hundreds of sexual slaves are famous. Because Mohhamed married his six years old cousin and raped her when she was nine and sex with young boys, "with bottoms like peaches" "women for children, men for love" is considered part of the culture, pedophilia and sexual slavery are institutionalised in Wahhabism.

Their criminal and Jihadi networks, like the other Mafias connected to the world of the secret services, traffic human slaves of women and children worldwide for prostitution, pedophilia and Satanic murder rituals. The Saudi Royals are crypto-jewish Sabbatean Frankists - Satanists like the British and European Aristocracy, addicted to Sex and Satanic Rituals of pedophilia, torture, cannibalism and human sacrifice.

Hence, forming their own community they are unassimalable in any society. Indeed, their only aim is to assimilate the others. In Islam there is no separation betweem church and State, there is medieval sharia law with its hand cutting, stoning, head chopping and head cleaving - execution of women for their fault of being raped, honour killings, male and female genital mutikation, and death to homosexuals.

The amount the Saudi royal family, both by government donations and the generosity of individual princes, now lavishes on Wahhabist schools, colleges, mosques, Islamic centers and the missionary work of fundamentalist imams around the world is extraordinary.

Ajeel Jassem al-Nashami, Secretary General of the International Organization for Zakat Islamic charity in Kuwait, argued that at least half of the donations made by Muslims across the globe for zakat should be funneled to finance jihad warfare in Palestine against Israel.

This included financing Islamic centers, 1, mosques, colleges and 2, Madrassas Islamic seminaries. This money smothers the voices of moderate Muslims and the poison flows into every Muslim community worldwide.

Key figures in the September attacks on the United States were radicalized at mosques in Germany. Britain is now reckoned by some to be the worst breeding ground anywhere for violent Muslim fundamentalists.

One of the two London butchers, Nigerian-born Michael Adebolajo, was radicalized by the cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri, who headed the outlawed terrorist group Al-Muhajiroun. Starting in the late s, Saudi Arabia began dispatching Wahhabist clerics and radical preachers to Chechnya.

No wonder that why Saudi oil money seems to turn up in many places like Boston, Madrid, Mumbai, Moscow, Paris, Brussels et al making them virtual battlegrounds, where terrorist violence stains the ground with blood from innocent civilians.

Today, Saudi patronized Wahhabism is a highly politicized and dangerous school of thought read Mind Pollution whose main objective is to counter the growing influence of modern liberal values like secularism, women empowerment, human rights of minorities, gender justice and above all democracy itself.

Did you find this article informative?Lawsuit Seeks $1 Trillion For Fraud and Terrorism in Sensationalized Coverage of “Staged FEMA Exercise” Press Release For Immediate Release.

Boston Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev sentenced to death Jury unanimously ruled in favor of capital punishment for six of the counts 70 years and abolished capital punishment for state crimes in. The War on Terrorism and the war in Iraq have been getting press coverage which tends to omit important information.

Lately there has been a trend in the 'mainstream' news media to cover up acts of terrorism, calling them 'isolated incidents.' Some examples are shown on this page. Enter your PIN alphaviril cost Prosecutors said that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, now 20, and his older brother, Tamerlan, killed three people and injured others with a pair of homemade pressure-cooker bombs at the crowded finish line of the marathon on April Presencing EPIS Presencing EPIS is a scientific journal dedicated to the dialectical process between and amongst the discourses of Existential Phenomenology, Psychoanalysis and Critical Theory.

On April 15, , the brothers Tamerlan Tsarnayev, 26, and Dzokhar Tsarnaev, 19, tried to blow up the Boston Marathon. On May 22, in the same year, Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowalo performed an Islamist rite on the streets of London by decapitating the British serviceman Lee Rigby.

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