Academic integrity referencing and avoiding plagiarism in academic writing

Acceptable Paraphrase 1 Acceptable Paraphrase 2 Like drought, excess rainfall and flooding can also contribute to epidemics of waterborne infectious diseases, in this case due to poor sanitation resulting from runoff from overwhelmed sewage lines or the contamination of water by livestock. Global climate change and infectious diseases.

Academic integrity referencing and avoiding plagiarism in academic writing

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Avoiding Plagiarism - Cite Your Source Whenever you take information from a source, whether that source is published on paper, presented in a lecture or broadcast, or made available online, you must tell your reader where the information came from: In writing a paper or report, it means: You show, in the body of your paper, where the words or information came from, using an appropriate formatting style.

AND You provide complete information about the source author, title, name of publication, date, etc. Different disciplines use different citation stylesas do various journals within a single discipline. If you are unsure which to use, check with your instructor.

In giving formal presentations, it means: You acknowledge, on your slide, where the graph, chart or other information came from.

What is Academic Integrity?

In writing a computer program, it means: You use comments to credit the source of any code you adapted from an open source site or other external sources. Generally, providing a URL is sufficient. You also need to follow the terms of any open source license that applies to the code you are using.

Why should I cite my sources? To show your readers that you have done your research. To give credit to others for work they have done. To point your readers to sources that may be useful to them. To allow your readers to check your sources, if there are questions.

Citing sources points the way for other scholars. Citation helps that process continue. What should I cite? Articles retrieved from databases such as Lexis-Nexis and ProQuest Personal and organizational websites.Module 2: The Academic Writing Process Toggle Dropdown.

Module 7: Academic Integrity and Avoiding Plagiarism Toggle Dropdown. nursing, plagiarising, referencing, school of nursing and mdwifery. Edith Cowan University acknowledges and respects the Nyoongar people, who are the traditional custodians of the land upon which its campuses.

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Nov 16,  · Drexel University has an Academic Integrity policy that outlines academic misconduct including plagiarism. This Prezi (sorry for the zooming!) details paraphrasing, quoting, and citing.

This Prezi (sorry for the zooming!) details paraphrasing, quoting, and citing. Academic integrity and avoiding plagiarism What is Academic Integrity?

The University of Sussex has a set of Academic Integrity Values which all students are expected to follow. Sadly, plagiarism occurs at all levels of society. Famous authors have been accused of plagiarism—and have been found guilty. If I change the words from a source, am I plagiarizing?

Yes, if you do not include a citation for your paraphrase.

Academic integrity and avoiding plagiarism

Northwestern's "Principles Regarding Academic Integrity" defines plagiarism as "submitting material that in part or whole is not entirely one's own work without attributing those same portions to their correct source." Plagiarism can occur in many forms besides writing: art, music, computer code.

All UNSW staff and students have a responsibility to adhere to this principle of academic integrity. Plagiarism undermines academic integrity and is not tolerated at UNSW. Avoiding plagiarism.

academic integrity referencing and avoiding plagiarism in academic writing

For all your referencing, writing and academic skills support. Working with Academic Integrity online module.

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