A report on the controversial reality of the gulf war syndrome

Lessons from the Cold War, the Persian Gulf, and Today "A few months ago, Americans were shocked to learn that our government had intentionally exposed thousands of U.

A report on the controversial reality of the gulf war syndrome

A congressionally-mandated panel has concluded that "Gulf War syndrome" is real and that more than a quarter of theUS veterans of the conflict suffer from the illness. The report broke with most earlier studies by concluding that two chemical exposures were direct causes of the disorder: The report bolstered the hopes of thousands of U.

But some scientists were not convinced that the new report had found the long-sought smoking gun. Lynn Goldman, a professor of environmental health sciences at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore who has worked on previous reports on the illness.

On the member committee appointed inscientists made up about two-thirds and the rest were veterans. Sox, chairman of a institute study and editor of the journal Annals of Internal Medicine.

The major causes of the disorder appear to be self-inflicted.

A History Of Falsehoods That Surface Years Later

Pyridostigmine bromide was given to as many as half of the troops in the fear that the Iraqis would unleash chemical warfare against them. According to the report, at least 64 pesticides containing 37 active ingredients were used during the war.

They were sprayed not only around living and dining areas, but also on tents and uniforms, White said. There was less evidence to support a link to the U. The panel said it could not rule out a link between the illness and exposure to oil well fires and multiple vaccinations.

A report on the controversial reality of the gulf war syndrome

But it could find no evidence linking it to depleted uranium shells, anthrax vaccine and infectious diseases. Binns, a former principal deputy assistant secretary of Defense and a Vietnam veteran. Binns emphasized that the report was not written to yield recriminations about past actions.

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A report on the controversial reality of the gulf war syndrome

If you can help today—because every gift of every size matters—please do.Exposure To Chemical Agents, During the Gulf War, friendly forces destroyed a cache of the chemical weapons with the wind blowing back over US Army soldiers.

Instead Wessely favours psychological explanations for what he views to be a 'Gulf War health effect' which he believes to be caused by stress, specifically troops' anxiety about chemical weapons and vaccines, as well as misinformation about Gulf War syndrome.

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Details of the pathology of The Gulf War Syndrome were described by three speakers at the Comment on 'The Gulf - War or Human Progress on Persian Gulf War Illnesses: reality and hypotheses. Nausea, rashes, irritable bowel syndrome, fatigue -- the symptoms are the same.

For seven years now, Gulf War veterans have been battling a mysterious illness. Now, in the Gulf War, the exposures consisted of the most obvious Gulf War toxic exposure, because we all had seen it—the Kuwaiti oil fires. The sky turned black for months. The syndrome is controversial with many medical experts refusing to accept that it exists.

Many military veterans link their illness to vaccinations given prior to their deployment to the Gulf in.

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